Consulting Services

Renovation Consulting

TMK provides professional assistance with planning and managing historic home renovation projects. Tom will help you establish a realistic plan for renovating your house by performing initial inspections, establishing a budget, and managing your contractor(s). Also, by acting as a matchmaker, Tom does the research for you by finding the right contractors and collaborating with them to help you design and build the vision for your home.

Renovation Planning

With some thoughtful planning, Tom can ensure your project’s success. From establishing scope and viability, to budget, to process implementation and ongoing evaluation, Tom can help tailor a plan for your home’s specific needs. Tom’s insights will also help ensure that the contractor(s) are aware of irreplaceable historic features in need of restoration and/or recreation.

Renovation Management

The renovation process can seem daunting in its complexity; this goes for interior and exterior house renovations alike. Tom’s expertise is grounded in more than four decades of experience in an exceptionally wide range of building and project types.

Just because a certain vision is laid out in construction drawings and documents, and a reputable contractor is on board, does not necessarily mean that the owner’s vision will become a reality. Tom works with your contractor(s) to assure that the goods and services are delivered and the finished buildings are everything that were promised.